Massage Testimonials for Kandace 2014

Mary Jo H. May 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Best therapeutic massage I have ever had. I often get antsy during a massage- not this one. She really knows her anatomy and what you need!

David B. Jun 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Located in a quiet building and no waiting for your appointment. Love the soothing music while Kandace does a fantastic job. If you want a true deep tissue massage then Kandace is the person to see. She can find knots that you didn't even know you had.

Marty W. Jun 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
much needed massage for over worked muscles. Because the tightening was over bearing Kandace used a combination of massage techniques to relax the muscles.

Nicole L. Jun 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
I was very impressed at Kandace's expertise and compassion dealing with a horribly painful condition I was in. She went out of her way to treat me and get me on her busy schedule as soon as was possible. Her office is extremely serene and comfortable and a wonderful retreat to heal mind, body and spirit. I found my new therapeutic massage home.

Kay P. Jul 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Kandace is amazing. Wonderful deep tissue massage. Makes you feel great and comfortable at the same time. Hope to go again. Kay P.

Valerie J. Jul 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
As a massage therapist myself it is very integral for me to have deep therapeutic massages for my wellness. Kandace is my go to girl! Her knowledge of the anatomy and physiology mixed with her positive and influencing mood makes her one of the best!

On Google: Jamie J. 2014
I went to Kandace because I moved to the area and required a new LMT. She is phenomenal.  She performed stretches that considerable increased my mobility after beginning weight/ strength training. I highly recommend her. A Professional,  knowledgeable and pleasant person.  I'll be back for sure!

On Groupon July 02, 2014
She gives the best deep tissue massage, but it is not for the faint of heart. She uses a lot of pressure to work your kinks out. The warm towel at the end is a nice touch.

Ann D. Jul 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Kandace made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She gave a wonderful massage. Room was perfect temperature, quiet, with great ambiance. There is nothing I disliked. Kandace was pleasant and gave a wonderful massage and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Kandace at Gracious Gaia Massage & Wellness.

On Groupon July 15, 2014
Excellent, would recommend. I will be going back.

Rebecca M. Jul 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
This lady has amazing hands. She is able to find the spots that need the work and applies the pressure needed to get those muscles to relax. I leave feeling better every time. She is also kind and very professional. I would highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed.

I have used many local massage therapists and Kandace is really far above the others. She is a skillful therapist and her office is comfortable and she is professional. I would highly recommend her.

Anonymous Apr 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
My massage therapist, Kandace, was professional and thorough. She was friendly and got me to relax right away. It was my first Deep Tissue Massage and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has sore muscles or stressed. She used a lot of pressure on my muscles and I walked out of there feeling so much better. Paper yourself and try a massage.

Anonymous Aug 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Massage was awesome. Kandace is Great...Loved my massage...

Soni A. Sep 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Kandace has a special energy that radiates out of her hands. I was at ease with her touch and she must have used Reiki at times because I felt waves of heat radiating from her hands. After a 24 hour journey from India I needed that. She is a healer. Thank you for your healing touch.

Flora J. Sep 2014
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
I would recommend her to everyone I know.

Kim Hamilton T. Sep 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
After my first massage with Kandace, I immediately purchased a package of 10! Does that tell you anything? :) Not only is Kandace a great masseuse but she is a delightful person. Make sure you book a reading with her after your won't regret it!
I love the calm, relaxing atmosphere that Kandace has created in her space. She is very knowledgeable and always sends me out feeling relaxed and stress-free!

Steve K. Sep 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
This was my first time, she was very professional, and helpful in suggesting things to do to aid in healing :)
Kandace was professional and helpful to my specific interests. I would encourage people to visit her!

Geri E. Oct 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Best massage I ever had. Kandace radiates friendliness, her studio is peaceful, a truly wonderful experience. It was so good that I booked a package of 10. Woke up the day after a new person. Kandace listens and her massage is exceptional, room peaceful. So happy to have found her.

Kelly V. Oct 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
I likes it all she is such a professional and knows what's she doing. I did not dislike anything.

Marty S. Nov 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Excellent massage

Whitney S. Dec 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
Kandace is such a lovely person to talk to. She is very professional and personable. She is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced! Highly recommended!!!
There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about my experience with Kandace, I wouldn't change a thing!

Sharon D. Dec 2014
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage
She really puts her whole body into your massage. Very good!

Anonymous Dec 2014
Loved the relaxing atmosphere!

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