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Massage Testimonials for Kandace 2015

Lynda H. Jan 2015 Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage The room is everything you want for a relaxing massage! Dark, warm beautifully decorated. I like gentle music with my massage. Small quiet fountain. All wonderful!! Ann D. Jan 2015 Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage Kandace  gives a great massage. She is very thorough and asks you if there are specific areas you would like her to work on. She gives a firm massage, not too hard, not too soft. Fantastic massage therapist!

No Erotic Massage Here!!!

I love my job. I love the clients that I have. I love helping people with their mobility and stress relief. Many days, I feel like I could do this job for the rest of my life, then someone calls looking for "happy endings," or asking about "what is included in the massage," or "do I have to be covered during the massage?" When this happens, it makes me feel crappy. It ruins my whole day. I can't believe that people would have the audacity to ask such things. It makes me question everything. I know that I have addressed this before, and yet, time and again, probably every couple of months, invariably, I'll get a phone call or an email. Just such an event happened today. A man booked a massage, came for his massage, asked if he could stay face up on the table and not be covered by a sheet, then asked when his groin would be worked on. When informed that we do not offer those services, he asked who might provide those services. He even