No Erotic Massage Here!!!

I love my job. I love the clients that I have. I love helping people with their mobility and stress relief. Many days, I feel like I could do this job for the rest of my life, then someone calls looking for "happy endings," or asking about "what is included in the massage," or "do I have to be covered during the massage?"

When this happens, it makes me feel crappy. It ruins my whole day. I can't believe that people would have the audacity to ask such things. It makes me question everything. I know that I have addressed this before, and yet, time and again, probably every couple of months, invariably, I'll get a phone call or an email.

Just such an event happened today. A man booked a massage, came for his massage, asked if he could stay face up on the table and not be covered by a sheet, then asked when his groin would be worked on. When informed that we do not offer those services, he asked who might provide those services. He eventually left, then sat in the parking lot for another hour.

I have to ask, why? I know the answer is long, with many reasons, and no one answer. I just wish it would stop. So, here's the rundown just in case we have any prospective clients out there scoping for a new target:

We do not touch your genitalia for any reason. I don't care if you will drop dead the minute you leave my office if I don't touch you, IT WON'T HAPPEN! Please save us both the embarrassment.

FL law requires that I offer you a cover during the massage, and you can decide whether or not to accept it. MY POLICY is that you must be covered for the entire massage. The only part of your body that will be exposed at any one time will be the area being massaged. When we move to another area, you will be covered again.

3. No, we do not know of places that offer these services. I offer Deep Tissue massage for pain relief, stress relief, or Lymphatic Drainage massage. This in no way means sex, touching, or massaging your genitals. It is illegal in the State of FL, and I don't offer it. If you are still looking, I can offer these following links for you:

Good luck in your search for these services. If this is what you'd like, please move on. Thank you for your consideration!

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