Aquaponics - Good idea for Tiny House Living?

Hi everyone! Today, I stumbled upon an article online for aquaponics. I am a huge advocate for healthy living and eating, and I thought the idea of aquaponics was incredible!

Basically, you have a system set up where your fish and your vegetables and herbs live in a symbiotic system, where the fish are nourished by the plants, and the plants are nourished by the fish. I immediately began thinking about how this could work in an RV set up.

I have been browsing YouTube and the internet to find ideas. I have found a smaller scale version using an aquarium. Watch here:

I suppose the next step will be finding a way to aerate the water for the fish without relying on electricity, or at least finding a sustainable way to do so. I did run across this video, which is a VERY down and dirty example, and yet, it could be adapted to work. Watch here:

This next video is a very cheap way to design something small, and though I would want a more stylish look, it gives you a great idea of how it works and how to build it. Watch here:

Of all of the videos, though, I think this is my favorite! His design is nice, simple, and inexpensive. I could absolutely see this in my RV. If is only powered by a simple little pump as well, so any energy use would be minimal. I will definitely keep searching, though, and update if I find any others. Watch here:

Please send me your ideas for how this could work! I am eager to find sustainable, inexpensive and attractive designs for simple living. If you have any videos, articles, or ideas, please send them my way or comment on this post.

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