Cord - Cutter

I did it. I finally held firm through the phone calls with DIRECTV, and I canceled my service. Never before, had they been so nice and helpful. The funny thing is, I wasn't leaving them due to service issues. No, that particular issue rests solely with Comcast, but that is the next challenge.

You see, I have carried satellite TV service for over a decade now. I spent more than my fair share, because I love HBO. Since opening my own business, though, I watched less and less television all the time. I became a binge watcher, catching up on every thing in a Sunday afternoon. It finally dawned on me how stupid that was. I was paying $200 a month to watch TV! So, I finally cut the cord.

About a week after telling them I wanted to cancel, I received my box to send back my equipment. There was a very nice note inside asking me to reconsider. I didn't. I received a phone call offering me a fabulous deal if I would come back. I didn't. What I did do, was signed up for HBONow through Amazon. I always loved HBO shows, and I'm sure that was why I stayed with DIRECTV for so very long. The funny thing is, I never even watched that. So, after my first trial month, I let that service lapse, too.

It has now been about six weeks post cutting the cord. I wonder why I didn't do this sooner. I don't even miss it. I listen to the news on NPR as I'm driving into work. Facebook and Google social networks keep me informed. Sometimes, friends and clients are very curious how I can do this, but it's incredible how little I even notice. Go ahead, give it a try, I doubt you'll notice anything but more money in your pocket and more time in your life. Good luck! (See also: Downsizing in Preparation for the Future)

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