L'Aventure Commence

Friday, August 14, 2015 9:25pm
Saint James City, FL

My name is Kandace. I am in my early 40s, mother of two, and a business owner. For some time now, I have been itching for something new. It has manifested as a yearning, an itch, a restlessness that is momentarily quelled by alternate states of overwork and overplay. My youngest is beginning her senior year of high school in a couple of weeks, and have glimpsed the vague, shimmering hazy and barely formed hint of what my life will become soon.

During my long work days, I have mentally tried on new experiences and lives, weighing the opportunities and identities. Shall I move to Key West? Shall I move back out West? Shall I sell my business? Shall I expand? Do I downsize to a studio apt in town? Do I move in with my boyfriend? Finally, the future crystallized for me when my father told me he was giving me his old RV. Suddenly, it was as if a path formed through the thick forest. My mind began churning with the possibilities, and I am finding myself energized and renewed.

I understand now that "I" have always been there. I have been peeking from beneath the excess weight, which I have packed on as a form of self protection. I have alternatively wooed and run from freedom. My inner muse has been hiding, fighting for time until all of my responsibilities were fulfilled. My children, nearly raised, are moving into their own. I can almost feel "her" giddy with glee, whispering of the joy around the horizon. I understand now why I have loved the gypsies, the Pirates, irresponsible and desolate men that is littered my life. I have never wanted a solid man to take care of me. That represents a cage to me.

My plan begins with the firm commitment to NOT COMMIT. I plan is to take my daughter's last year of high school to renovate and retrofit my dad's old RV, while planning out my future travel ideas and working on my business calendar to allow for the time and money to do this. I figured that since I was already obsessing over the details, I would put my plans to paper (blog) so that people may not only follow my path, but help with ideas and suggestions. I will try to be very detailed and diligent, should anyone care to emulate my plans.

So, with that all said, here is where I am right now. I have stayed in my dad's RV a few times. I know that it will need some TLC. I have not yet found out the particulars on the year, make, model, etc, since I believe my dad takes a perverse delight in withholding information. I know that sometime in the next couple of weeks, he will be bringing the RV to me. I know that it will need to be completely painted and the upholstery recovered. I want it to look somewhat like my office, which is painted in greens. I want to add a composting toilet, and I want to make an area, if possible, where I can give massages (I am a massage therapist). Beyond all of that, I am not sure. Please stay tuned. I can't wait to see how this develops!

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