Thoughts On Living

As I walk my dog on this mild Southwest Florida morning, I am pondering my lifestyle. I have this fantasy about chucking all of the trappings of modern life and just checking out. I also know, though, that I enjoy city amenities. I love having access to restaurants, bars, and entertainment. As a child, my family camped and hiked. I was also in JROTC, and have hunted and fished with the men in my life. With that said, as an adult, I have left many of the planning and fixing details to the men in my life.

I really want to try this on my own. It has been a cause for many disagreements with my boyfriend. I really feel as though I need time to discover what I am made of. I recognize that I will make mistakes, but I also will discover a new level of personal growth and capability. Even as I waffle over the details, I am still plunging headlong into my new life. I am making all of the necessary decisions to move in my new direction.

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