Weight Loss and Body Image

I woke this morning thinking about how swollen I feel. It has been particularly hot and humid here in Southwest Florida for the past month. I spend all of my time in air conditioning and drinking copious amounts of fluids just stay hydrated. I have also been quite busy at my office, so I have been running around the corner to the local Chinese restaurant for lunch. In and of itself, that would not be a problem, except that I am a creature of habit and not as adventuresome in my diet as I am in life. So, the result is that I have been eating shrimp fried rice and crab rangoon for about a week and a half now. I know better. I know my body appreciates a low carb diet. I know I should plan. I did it anyway.

With some trepidation, I stepped on the scale this morning, and confirmed my concern. I have gained about 5lbs. So, I know that it is time to start paying attention to my diet again. Not only have I gained weight, but I just feel bloated. 

What is so funny about dieting, is that we all have insecurities about our bodies. My friends and I range in size from a 100 - 250lbs, with me in there somewhere (which will be omitted from this post), and every last one of us is insecure about her size. This is why I don't usually spend a whole lot of time worried about my weight. I usually stay at a pretty stable weight. Sometimes I crack down and drop weight, but then I lose momentum, and I return to where my body feels comfortable.

I did not grow up heavy. I was actually rather athletic, (or at least well built) when I was in high school. I suppose that is the reason that I do not look at myself with the mentality of a fat person. I have a strong healthy body. As a massage therapist, I  have a great upper body strength, and the ability to massage for 5 to 8 hours a day without tiring. I do carry too much weight though. 

I believe that the reason I carry the extra weight (aside from too many trips for Chinese food) is that I am in a holding pattern right now, and my body is my physical manifestation of where my head and heart are right now. My goal of downsizing and streamlining is extending to my body as well. I'm excited to see where the journey leads...


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