Tactical Error Course Correction

I stewed for a loooong time last night. I sat in bed watching him sleep, and getting angrier and angrier. I was annoyed with myself for allowing this to happen. I was angry that I did not stop him when he first came back. I was angry that I did not wake him and kick him out.

This morning, I felt him reaching for me. I knew he wanted to cuddle. I just couldn't. I couldn't do it. He was angry and hurt. He tried to just leave and come back later (when I was in a better mood) but I wouldn't let him leave it like that. I knew I needed to just have it out. So, I ended it.

I am at peace with my decision. It was obvious from the first night back that I no longer had the patience for it. I knew with every action he took that I couldn't just live and let live anymore. We couldn't even discuss the problems we had. So, it is over. I truly hope it is for the last time.

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