Missives from the dating battleground, codename Maneater - Part III

It all distills into a moment. You look into one another's eyes, and you just know. You know that this one is the one that will change your life forever.

As you reach a trembling hand out to them, you know that, for better or worse, your future has changed completely. You feel such exquisite pleasure that you almost cannot bear the moment. Your heart pounds, your knees weaken, your body flushes, and you know your life will never be the same.

This is the moment that we all long for. We live and die for this moment. We kill and destroy for this moment. This moment is love.

What do we do, then, when the love is gone? How do we carry on when the spell has broken. This moment is so precious, because it is so rare. It inspires passion, because we cannot get it with any random stranger. How frightening it is to believe that are moment has passed. Will we feel it again? Will it be as intense? Have I grown too old? Have I had my moment? Do I want to lose myself again?
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It is such a random sequence of events leading up to a this chemical reaction, that it is almost impossible to duplicate. I see it as I socialize and go out with friends. Male or female, young or old, we are all just waiting for the moment when just the right person looks at us in just the right way, that our souls connect. We all long for it, even as some of us run from it.

I admit that as much as I want to run away from granting my future to another, I know as surely as I am writing this, that if LOVE hit me in this moment, all of my good intentions would be gone. I would throw away another 5, 10, 30 years away on another chance.

And yet, I do not want it right now. I need some time to be alone.

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