My "Vision" is Failing Me!

My "Vision" is Failing Me!I am the type of person who has to see an idea in my minds-eye before I can create it. It really is quite simple for me most of the time. I am able to make connections between disparate parts, and come up with a plan that works. Once I have that vision, I am unstoppable.

I admit, though, that my vision is failing me now.

I have my daughter that is graduating high school in the Spring, and potentially moving out, which opens up my ability to downsize into a more realistic place. At the same time, I have my business which is plugging along just fine. I have a new person in place to help with the expansion, and things are getting ready for Season. I also have reconciled with my boyfriend, and he wants us to get a place together.

The issue I am having is reconciling all of these moving parts:

1. I have no idea if my daughter will be ready to move out shortly after graduation. When I ask her about her plans, she is quite vague. There is some talk of boyfriend, some talk of school, some talk of job. I have been very clear about expectations, but I suppose I was not the most focused and ambitious at her age, either, hence my marriage at 18.

2. If she does move out, and I am able to downsize, I am faced with the challenge of finding a place that allows a 40lb, loving, sweet, low-key Pitbull. I have no interest in purchasing a home, since I am not sure about my long-term plans, so that leaves rentals.

3. My boyfriend would like me to move out with him, which would solve my dog issue, but would increase my commute to almost an hour either way. Were I to move my business, as he suggests, I would literally be starting from scratch in a market that is not as profitable as the one where I currently work. I could open a satellite office part time, but I would be splitting my efforts, while increasing my overhead.

All of these are the reasons that I was so interested in obtaining a "Tiny House." I still think that I want to get a small RV for my pup and I. We can travel back and forth to work and my boyfriend's house, while still having our own space. The issue, of course, is where to park it. Do I find one of the many RV parks around here, or just drive around in a small one that is completely self-contained? Do I just get an apartment in town? Do I just suck up the long commute and move in with my boyfriend?

I suppose in the big picture, none of these are insurmountable obstacles. In fact, it could be argued that I have little to bitch about. I just can't see how these things will reconcile for me, so it is like a looping soundtrack in my head. Hence, you, my dear reader, are here to help me with solutions. I feel like I'm going a bit nutty right now. Help!

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