Bedroom Sanctuary

Last night, I followed my best friend's advice, and moved back into my bedroom. More specifically, I stopped treating it as a place to sleep, and reclaimed it as my sanctuary.

Since my on-again, off-again saga with my long-time boyfriend began in late Spring, I have been making plans to move into a smaller place, so I have actively avoided buying new furniture or fixing things up. This has caused me no end of drama, since I have not had a place to just relax. Ironically, it is my job to provide a peaceful place for others to relax, but my spa and wellness center just looks like work to me. :-)

With no real idea of what I wanted to do, short of maybe finding a few knick knacks, I wandered into a thrift store yesterday, and ran into the most gorgeous fabric anywhere! I LOVE this scarlet red color! There were 6 panels and one giant scarf for only $4 each! I even found a king-sized bed set for $17! I'm actually very pleased with the way this came together! With a little help from my boyfriend in mounting curtain rods, here is the result! I felt like royalty last night! It was so comfy, and I slept like a baby!

In short, my girlfriend was absolutely correct! I needed to create my own sanctuary. In phase two, this weekend, I will tackle the purging of my closets. Now that I have a beautiful space in my bedroom, I will be moving back into it. Any clothes that do not receive regular rotation are gone! All books that I want and use will be put out, and all others will go to the library. I plan to have my closet look as pretty as my bedroom now looks (barring my nightstand which needs to also be clutter-cleared). I'll even use the Kondo method (get this book, people! It's great!).

Finally, one of the best lessons that I have learned is that your outside existence is a reflection of what is going on internally. If your thoughts are cluttered and chaotic, chances are your life will be as well. If outwardly you put on a good front, but your closets are a mess, that could indicate something about your internal workings as well. You may want to employ some Feng Shui wisdom to clear your thoughts. I have to say, just in the couple of hours work I did last night, I feel fantastic.

In the months that I have been downsizing, I have come to the realization that there is very little, materially speaking, that matters to me. I need my clothes, I have a few books, a cast-iron skillet, a few pieces of jewelry, and holiday ornaments. Beyond that, I could walk away tomorrow. When you clear space of "stuff" you feel freer, lighter, less bogged down. Suddenly, you can turn your thoughts to other things. I encourage you to ponder what really matters in your life. I'd be willing to bet that it isn't more "stuff."

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