Missives from the dating battleground, codename Maneater - Part IV

Recently, I made up my mind to revisit my previous mission. Post-mission field analysis led me to hopelessness.

As I feared, I had been out of the game for too long, devoted to one mission, and I had lost my edge. I began missing and craving the experience of my previous mission, so, in a moment of weakness, I responded to one of his memos.
An interesting thing happened, though. In my ultimate surrender to the inevitability of our reunion, I have found a renewed interest and vigor in the mission. As I stated in my post from yesterday (My Weekly Tempest In A Teacup), I often create and anticipate concerns where there are none. I am finding that in my more Zen-like surrender and letting go of the illusion of control, I am at peace. Since returning to my mission, I feel more at home, more at peace, less adrift. It is a safety that I had forgotten. (continued below)

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In speaking with one of my co-agents today, I find that she has also created a false narrative where she sees an insurmountable obstacle, where there is little more than a mist. The only drama she will experience, will be the drama that she creates. If she likes the mission she has been conducting, then carry on! Perhaps a few days of solitude will refresh her point of view as it did mine.

In closing, dating around here is rough. We all want what we can't have. We may receive a taste of it here and there. It is like the memory of the best piece of candy that you ever tasted. You know it exists, since you once tasted it, and yet, through the veil of time and memory, no piece that you taste now can compare to the original. We all want the perfect "mission," but sometimes the perfect "mission" is what is holding you right now.

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