Things a Lady Does Not Endure
There are some things that a lady at a certain age just doesn't indulge. 

This thought was running through my head tonight as my man decided to challenge a very large and deep mud puddle with his 4x4 truck.

With no heed for the ramifications, he ploughed straight through the middle, and we came to an abrupt stop.

I sat in silence as I heard him gunning his engine and spinning his tires. I sat in serene, zen-like silence as a group of teens stopped to assist, then left to get their bigger truck. I was as stoic as the Sphinx as another kind Samaritan with an over-sized truck finally pulled us free of a puddle that was as large as a pond.

So, getting back to things that a lady just does not endure...
  1. "Mudding" in a truck...I would hope this does not require further explanation. 
  2. Sleeping on cheap sheets. Truly, do yourself a favor and buy some high thread count sheets. It is sheer ecstasy.  
  3. Screaming children in a restaurant.
  4. Terrible service
  5. Loud ringtones, conversations, or games on a mobile device...particularly when I am seated in a waiting room and unable to escape.
  6. Food not prepared to your specifications.
I am sure that I can come up with more, but I shall conclude with this, lest you consider me insufferable. I assure you, I am not. I just have come to realize that there are certain things a lady should never be forced to endure. 

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