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Catching Up After The Big Move

Feb 2, 2016
I had a plan. For almost a year, I was envisioning my RV life. I had a vision of methodically sorting a lifetime of belongings until I held only that which I most treasured. I could see how I would decorate my new home, and I had imagined glimpses into the new life I would lead.

At times, it was so frustratingly slow, that it was like planning to dive from a cliff. I would tiptoe to the edge, then back off. My friends would shake their heads and admonish my silly ideas. I would read and discuss and learn all that I could, besides just taking the plunge.

First Night Sleeping in our New Home

As our effort to purge continues, we sold our bed, so last night was our first night in our new home!

Inner Critic or Early Warning Sign?

It wasn't so very long ago that I had a very active social schedule, and I was in The Flow. Nowadays, though, I am distracted and unsure.

I have read that if you are not moving outside of your comfort zone, you are not growing, but what if, instead of finding personal growth, I'm ignoring my internal warning system?

Sorting Treasure from Trash

When was the last time that you truly looked at all of your things?

I'm talking about the items that you value and treasure, but spend a decade in a cabinet in the corner, rarely noticed.

The one thing that I have experienced as I have been sorting through my belongings is just how much stuff I have forgotten that I owned.

Let the Purging Begin!

It begins!

The long and tedious process of shedding years of stuff!

Downsizing and Detaching - Goals for 2016!

Thus begins the downsizing!

Last night, my man and I went to view the RV that will become our home. It was intimidating in its size! Imagine a double wide trailer squeezed into a travel trailer. There was a king size bed, an island in the kitchen, microwave, stove, walk in closet, and even a washer/dryer! It was nothing like I had envisioned, and yet, it was perfect!

He Saved Me From Myself (And Still Does)!

Many years ago, as I was just branching into adulthood, I married young.

I married because I had no idea what I was going to do after graduation. He was handsome and he was in the military, so I knew we would be covered financially. I also loved him. It was a calculation that in more ways than I have realized, until recently, have had reverberations throughout my life.

2016 Non-Resolutions - Not Playing this Year!

What a bumpy start to the New Year! It has been a wild ride already! I had decided against making (and vocalizing) any resolutions, because frankly, they haven't changed for years. It is always about losing weight, making more money, relaxing more, etc. This year, my goals have been a bit more focused on strategy.

Seeking Purpose in the New Year

I rang in the New Year at a party with friends. It was fun, and it ended with a very long (and drunken) walk back to our car, while helping a friend get home safely.

When I finally arrived home around 3 am, I gulped down water, stripped off my party attire, removed my makeup, brushed my teeth, and passed out.