2016 Non-Resolutions - Not Playing this Year!

What a bumpy start to the New Year! It has been a wild ride already! I had decided against making (and vocalizing) any resolutions, because frankly, they haven't changed for years. It is always about losing weight, making more money, relaxing more, etc. This year, my goals have been a bit more focused on strategy.

One of the biggest challenges I have been facing is that, after 5 years, my landlords have decided to sell their house, which means I am faced with finding a new home during a mini-real estate boom. Bad timing, to be sure, but things happen for a reason, I suppose.

What I hadn't realized is that it has been very hard for me to focus while finding a home has been swirling in the back of my head. It has also opened up so many issues that need resolution before I can focus on manifesting my perfect home.

For example, my daughter will be graduating this Spring. Do I find a place with her in mind? Do I find a place where there is room for her, but not too comfortable, so she is more motivated to move on? My partner and I are arguing over just what type of place to live. I advocate for downsizing and minimizing, while he wants something larger and nicer, ie., more expensive. My goal is to minimize costs and avoid debt, because I do not want to work for years to pay off something that I ultimately don't value. If I'm buried in bills, then I am tied to work.

This comes also at the time that I am trying to set budgets, do business taxes, set marketing goals, and try not to gain too much weight due to stress. I also would like to give up drinking for awhile, and yet, nothing quite takes the edge off and soothes my tired muscles after a stressful day like a glass of Pinot Grigio or Cabernet. So, I'm gaining weight, unbalanced, and seeking escape.


A fascinating thing happened to me last week. My aunt, who has had some recent health concerns arise, was needing some assistance. I went over to visit her, and chauffeur her around for her errands and doctor appointments. I had already found coverage for my appointments, and resolved my most pressing issues before leaving, so I really had nothing to do except help her. When I drove over the 3 hour drive to her place, after working all day, my body was so tight and in pain, I could barely get there. After a good night's sleep and chatting with her, my body began to relax. I was laid back and happy. Then, I started getting all kinds of creative marketing ideas for my business. It was incredible! I realized that my stress was stifling my creative flow, and ultimately, I am less efficient.

So, my goal for this New Year is to take a freaking break! I cannot do more then I am already doing. I am one person, and my goal in starting my own business was to have more freedom. I am trying to put all of the pieces in place so I can take a trip at least once a quarter. I know that as I find healthy alternatives to eating out and drinking and partying, the weight will resolve itself. I need to just be more mindful of my workload. Suggestions to decompress are welcome!

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