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All Things Come In Time

Yesterday, my partner and I, with grudging help from my daughter, moved my office from the suite that had been the bane of my existence for the past year, into a new, spacious office with a window that looks out onto a nature preserve. I am surprised that my man actually didn't murder me, since by the end of the night, our nerves were frayed. Somehow, we managed to get it completely done, and I was able to prepare my room for business.

Phoenix Rising

I'm in a weird place emotionally. I feel as though I am throwing everything away, shedding possessions, people, situations, and more. It is becoming remarkably easy for me to do, and I wonder, when I am finally through this, where I will be.

If You Had a Do-Over, Would You Take It?

A client asked me this week if, knowing what I know now, would I still have expanded my business last year. What a question! It is true that this past year was brutal! I have worked for next to nothing financially, and how I actually was able to keep things running, is a complete mystery to me! My answer, though, was, yes, absolutely.

Dreams of Adventures: Is It Too Late?

While driving and running errands yesterday, I was listening to NPR. As an aside, I absolutely LOVE NPR . They always have such wonderful content, and I am inspired by things that I hear every day. I grew up on PBS watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company in the 70s, but I never thought NPR was that interesting until I moved to SWFL. The station down here is amazing .

Morning Rituals

One of the newest pleasures I have discovered since the big move has been creating my new morning ritual. For 20 years now, my morning has been some variation of waking, waking kids, dressing, making sure kids are dressed, finding some morning sustenance, then yelling and screaming until we are all out the door and on the way to school and work. Now, it has changed a bit.

Toxic People - Gossip At Every Age

I have a teenage daughter. I have watched her struggle with the torrential storms of teenage gossip and relationships for years. I have often counseled her against rash action, and to rise above it all. I have counseled prudence and honesty. I have tried to soothe her hurt feelings and teach her witty retorts, when necessary. All the while, I have clucked my tongue when commiserating with my friends and other mothers about the endless teenage drama.