Morning Rituals

One of the newest pleasures I have discovered since the big move has been creating my new morning ritual.

For 20 years now, my morning has been some variation of waking, waking kids, dressing, making sure kids are dressed, finding some morning sustenance, then yelling and screaming until we are all out the door and on the way to school and work. Now, it has changed a bit.

My man wakes at the unholy hour of 5am, drinks his coffee and leisurely gets ready for work. I usually wake only briefly for goodbye kisses. It is usually the sound of his F350 diesel that wakes me at 6am. What he doesn't know is what that sound sets into motion. Promptly, upon his exit from the house, two furry bodies plod into the bedroom and jump on the bed. They know that Daddy does not allow this, so they wait until he is gone. I'm not terribly worried about this disclosure breaking any secrets, because my man doesn't read my blog. That would entail READING! The horrors!

I digress. At this point, I wake my daughter (if she isn't already up), but that's the end of it! She's a driver now! I tell her I love her, and I AM DONE! What a difference that makes! Pups and I snuggle under the covers (shhh, if you know him, don't tell our secret), and I try to decide what time to set my alarm based on my appointments for the day. I alternate between Facebooking, pup-snuggling, cat naps, alarm-resetting, and finally, emerging from our cocoon-like bed, sometime around 7ish.

What is incredible is that I live so close to my office now, that I only need about 10 minutes to get there! I have found that this extra time allows me to do my blogging, sip coffee or tea, eat a meal, and plan my day. It is wonderful to slow down a bit. Living this close has also allowed me to stretch out my day a bit. I'm not so concerned about blocking all appointments into one grouping, since once I leave town, I'm not coming back. I'm trying to work at a reasonable pace, and allow time for doing administrative things, writing, eating (what a concept!), and generally avoiding wearing down my poor body from overdoing it. I am getting home later in the evenings, but I really don't mind, since traffic is not a problem.

I have also discovered that I am more mindful at work. Since it is season, many of my clients right now, are not regulars, so there is less catching up during the session. I love chatting with my clients (if they want to), but when I have silence during the massage, I have time to meditate. My mind wanders to plans and I have time to create in my mind. I am finding I have more refined plans. Many a grand scheme has been hatched during a silent massage session.

Overall, I finally feel as though I am on the other side of the chaos. The Wheel of Fortune has finally turned, and I am back on the upswing. Money could definitely improve, but I'm still here, plugging along. I have discovered that there is no need to worry about what is to come. It either will, and you will deal with it, or it won't, and you'll have wasted precious moments sucking joy from your day.


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