Massage Testimonials for Kandace 2016

Dorothy A. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
Very professional & gracious ... A great asset to healing.

John A. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
Wonderful experience - will definitely return.

On Groupon February 03, 2016
Excellent massage!

Tyler H. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
I have substantial muscle impingement in my lower extremities starting at my lower back from weight lifting and Kandace has been instrumental in in working them out. I highly recommend her.

Kathryn C. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
Nice ambiance in new space.

Jim Y. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
Very skilled.

Leena P. Feb 2016
Chair Massage
Kandace has a pleasant & bubbly personality, always smiling. She is great at what she does, starts & finish session on time.

Marianne B. Feb 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Nothing but positive feelings!

Marty M. Feb 2016
Therapeutic Massage
This was my first therapeutic massage so I don't have a frame of reference to compare with. I enjoyed the massage and it was a very pleasant and relaxing environment. I thought it was good and would recommend Kandace to my friends.

Anonymous Feb 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Kandace gave me an excellent massage & she was very informative. She showed me some exercises that I can do for some of my issues. She also went out of her way to fit me into her schedule & I am very grateful.

Linda H. Mar 2016
Therapeutic Massage
From beginning to end the experience was great.

Anonymous Mar 2016
Therapeutic Massage
I love Kandace, she really knows what she's doing, the atmosphere is very calming and the room is very clean. So I highly recommend Kandace for your therapeutic stress relief.

Sharon D. Apr 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Love the new place

Colleen R. Apr 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Wonderful atmosphere--I immediately felt very comfortable and at ease.

Paul B. Apr 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Clean and comfortable

Jackie F. Apr 2016
Massage & Reiki Package
I loved the way Kandace worked on my needed areas. She was in tune to what my body needed. The best massage and Reiki I have ever had. To bad I only live here for four months. Now that I found Kandace, I will return next year. Thank you, again, Kandace.

Anonymous Apr 2016
Therapeutic Massage
I fell and twisted myself and it was awhile before I could get in to see Kandace. I had ongoing pain in my right shoulder. Kandace hit every pain center some of which were in unlikely places and I feel so much better.

On Google: Anita W. Sept 2016
"I am so grateful that I was referred to her. She knew exactly what needed work the moment she put her hands on me.

On Google: Julia W. Aug 2016
Kandace is AMAZING! She has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and totally at ease. I am so grateful that I was referred to her. She knew exactly what needed work the moment she put her hands on me. Cannot wait for my next appointment! Thank You Kandace!!

On Google: Jennifer D. Aug 2016
Kandace is by far one of the best massage therapists that I have ever been to. She is always professional, kind and really knows how to find those knots that I seem to always have way down deep :)  Finding someone who really knows how to give a deep tissue massage is always a challenge and she is incredible!

On Google: Karen M. Aug 2016
A massage by Kandace is the absolute best!!!  I have had many massages by various therapists, and Kandace is definitely the best of the best.  Book today, your body will thank you!!!

On Google: AlwaysaMaine Gal Sept 2016
BEST deep tissue massage in Fort Myers or Naples!

Alaina A. Jun 2016
Therapeutic Massage
The massage is set in a beautiful relaxing space that makes you never want to leave!

Vicki H. Jun 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Very nice decor and Kandace was very professional!

Christina S. Sep 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Kandace is amazing. She is a skilled therapist. I have tried many therapists but recently returned to Kandace. There is not anyone like her.

Josette W. Sep 2016
Therapeutic Massage
I like everything!

Jennifer D. Sep 2016
Therapeutic Massage
It is very quiet. :)

Anna S. Aug 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Kandace was amazing!! I didn't want to leave and I'm hooked! I schedule again.

Anonymous Aug 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Kandace has "magic" hands to sooth away anyone's aches and pains! She takes particular care to tailor her massages to fit each client's needs. I have been a client for over 2 years and really cannot live without my weekly "Kandace fix!" She has truly worked a miracle in helping me to achieve a more flexible and functioning body. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a professional massage therapist.

Mary J. Aug 2016
Therapeutic Massage
cozy and warm atmosphere

Anonymous Jul 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Excellent massage... Just what was needed !

Johanna B. Jul 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Kandace was very welcoming and So sweet. She made myself and my fiance feel very comfortable. She is professional and has an awesome personality.

Mike L. Jul 2016
Therapeutic Massage
all outstanding

Magda S. Jul 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Nice and relaxing place.

Karen M. Jul 2016
Therapeutic Massage
Overall fantastic experience!

Kay M. Jul 2016
Therapeutic Massage
This massage was great! The place is clean and comfortable and the music is very soothing. Kandace is very professional and know how to give a good therapeutic massage. I highly recommend this place as well as Kandace.

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