East Winds Are Blowing, and We're Moving On!

Since the beginning of this year, I have had some major transitions. Each has been met with its own set of drama, chaos and challenges. When the dust finally settled, I made it a mission to keep my mind clear. If you have ever seen Ghostbusters, do you remember the scene where they have to clear their minds because the instrument of their destruction would be chosen from their thoughts? (Fine, I'm dating myself. Millennials, Google it). Well, I have this incredible ability to manifest that which I desire. I was trying to keep the whiteboard clear to find some Zen. I did not count on the aged imprints.

For those who know my partner, this will come as no surprise. Perhaps, we should invest in a publicist. I would have loved to have presented coordinated messages. As it is, the message has leaked, and the gossip has begun. So, without further ado, I shall make my official announcement:

My partner called me today to inform me that he has accepted a job in Key Largo. We will be moving presently. 

For those who do not know, my grandparents purchased a home in Big Pine Key in the 70s. My family has vacationed there ever since. My father moved there in the 80s, and has lived there long enough to have been awarded the Freshwater Conch designation (I've seen the certificate). I have lived there periodically throughout my life, and it was never the right time to call it home. The very transient nature of the place, makes it less-than-ideal for finding a life partner and/or raising children. 

When I have lived in the Keys, I knew that it wasn't "My Time" just yet. I had other things to do. There were adventures and education and parenting and adulting to do (I LOVE this phrase my daughter uses!). Now, though, I find that the arguments for delay are falling away. I have partnered up. My kids are grown. Part of my family is already there. 

When my man started making noises about finally taking the plunge, I wasn't sure. I have built a fabulous life here is SWFL. I have supportive and loving friends, and a nice business. I had finally found some time for peace and reflection. With this entire endeavor, we have said to one another, "If it is God's Will, it will come to pass. If it is meant to be, the opportunity will present itself." Well, apparently, God has spoken.

Lest any of my friends and or clients despair, I will be taking an incredibly long and phased out approach. I have many loose ties to bind to just poof overnight. I plan to be working a modified schedule through, at least, the end of the year. I have both business and personal obligations, and I have called this place home for 7 years now.

Like Mary Poppins, I feel the winds from the East a brewin, and there is something in store. Til we meet again, Au Revoir!

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