Last Night In Town

As I drive around the city that I have called home for the past seven years, it occurs to me, that this is my last day that I will call this home. Tomorrow, I will be moving to a new city.

It is quite familiar, and a little strange. I feel almost bittersweet. It is almost, anti-climatic. I feel as though I need to have some sort of commemoration for this moment.

The thing is, I will be saying goodbye to this place for months. Since I am still working my business, and expect to be for the next several months, I will not officially be gone. It feels like the long, slow goodbye. I am in a half-state. I am not quite a resident, and not quite an outsider.

These thoughts hit me as I was sitting eating a late lunch. In this city, we have many seasonal visitors, who are desperate to make connections with others. I overhear them sitting at the bar, using voices just beyond a polite level, desperately hoping that someone will engage them. I will be that person as of tomorrow. The city we have chosen is surrounded by familiar territory, and yet it is completely new. I find myself wondering if my grocery store will carry the products that I have grown to love and depend upon. I wonder who my new friends will be and how long it will take for me to make them. I wonder how far to the newest movie theater. I think about all of my "people," and how I am going to have to find new "people."

With all of this said, I am excited. My brain is going a million miles a minute. I've been thinking about my business, my friends, my life, my partner, my child. I've been wondering if I would like my new home. It is exciting, and I can't even say that I'm afraid, I guess I am just wondering what my new life will look like.

Sometimes, these resets are necessary. This will be our opportunity to start a new narrative. Will I be a massage therapist? Will I find a place to work? Will I get involved with the business community? Will I just stay quiet for a while? I plan to go back and forth between cities for the next couple of months. I wonder when I will get tired. I wonder when it will no longer be lucrative. I also know I will miss my friends and clients. I guess I feel vaguely sad.

Finally, I am excited for the future. This will truly be a clean slate for my partner and I. We will be starting out fresh terrain and equal footing. What will this mean for us? How will our roles be redefined? Stay tuned!

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