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We here in SWFL have been fortunate over the past few years to miss any hurricane activity. It does appear, though, that it may be heating up again. I thought this might be a good moment to discuss my plans should we be in danger.

Being from the South, and living through many hurricanes over the years, I tend to not panic in the face of storms. What my experience has been in my Cape Coral home, though, is that even with a strong thundershower, I lose electricity and have major flooding on my street. With that in mind, I will, in all probability, be evacuating should a storm head our way.

If there is a named storm heading to SWFL, and you have a massage appointment scheduled with me, please keep an eye on my Blog, my Facebook page, my Google+ page, my Linkedin page, or my Website. I will post my plans as to whether or not I will be evacuating. I do not believe that my clients will be in any hurry to come in for a massage during this time, either. I plan to return promptly after the storm, but that will depend on the damage and extent of the storm.

If your appointment was canceled due to the storm, please just reach out when you are prepared to re-book. Hurricanes can be quite life-altering, so I will not be hounding you with telephone calls as you try to work through the clean up. Now, let's cross our fingers that it will skip us, or at least be a baby storm! Stay safe!

Kandace B.

Gracious Gaia Massage & Wellness, LLC

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