Hidden Beauty in Plain Sight

I have been driving back and forth to Key Largo from Fort Myers for months now. In that time, they have been doing road work on the route that I drive. I have watched the evolution of this road expansion, primarily with trepidation and annoyance with the traffic patterns. Today, though, I saw something absolutely beautiful.

Recently, the crews have begun cutting back areas of wood. I have driven past these dense tree lines and given little thought to them. As those who live in heavily wooded areas know, it just blends in like a mass of green. Today, though, I saw that they had left the most beautiful trees standing. I had never seen these trees before. They were tall, mature, full and absolutely stunning.

It is amazing to me that for months those trees have disappeared into the background. It took destruction around it to reveal the beauty that was hiding in plain sight. I suppose it is a lovely metaphor for what is going on in the world around us right now. From the war in Syria, the Brexit vote, the struggles in the Middle East, the aggression of Russia, and our own dysfunctional and frankly, embarrassing, Presidential election, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and surrounded by chaos. From each of these horrible situations, though, there is always beauty hiding in plain sight. Here in America, even with the nasty tone that pervades our political discourse, and the rampant dissatisfaction with the direction of the country, we are surrounded by amazing people every day, like this man who literally gives his shirt to a homeless man

Let us not forget that we are all one with one another. We are as connected to each living creature as we are to God. We are one and the same. Let us focus on the beauty that is hiding in plain sight, and not overlook it.

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