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Morning Walk with the Fairies

I have taken up morning walks. I love them because it is still relatively cool out, and it is time that has remained largely unclaimed. It is unbelievable how just less than a year ago, my mornings were filled with school schedules and early appointments, and now, I have long stretches of time during the day to do whatever I desire. Along this walking path, running almost the length of the island, are large wooded areas. Despite walking right along US1, I found my mind wandering into the whimsical realm.

I Love Pitbull Puppies!

OK, this is, without a doubt, the single most heart-warming thing I have seen all day! You must enjoy these puppies!!!

8 Ways to Live Like You Are Rich

Everyone wants to be rich. It isn't the thought of having all that money, as much as what that money represents in your life: freedom, security, flexibility, the ability to be your own boss. Fortunately, if you were not born with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth , you can still make some life changes that will lead to living like you are rich.

Massage Blues: Tales from the Trenches IV

It should go without saying that if you are going for a massage, it is a good idea to take a quick shower. It should definitely go without saying that if you workout first, a shower is mandatory before your massage. One fine morning, a female client arrived somewhat late for her appointment. She appeared damp, and was wearing gym clothes, but it is common for people to dress down for their massage. Due to her late arrival, I urged her to get on the table, and I would return shortly.

Massage Blues: Tales from the Trenches III

The man on the other side of the telephone line immediately launched into his story. He had been battling with some weight-related health issues, and his doctor had assured him that if he lost weight, he could stop taking his medication. As a result, he became very motivated, and had taken up bicycling. He had lost lots of weight, and was feeling great. The problem, he said, was that the pressure of the bike seat to his nether region, was causing a loss of sensation and numbness. Was that something I could assist him with?

Massage Blues: Tales from the Trenches II

When I was a young girl, my grandma always used to laugh at "Ole Kissie Face" on The Family Feud. I was reminded of this today when I met Mr. W.

Massage Blues: Tales from the Trenches I

When I first began in the massage business, I was quite eager. I marketed endlessly and networked at every event I could find. I was excited to build a large clientele. It was during this heady time, that I acquired this new client. During our first telephone call, he was perfectly respectful. He explained that he was a runner, and had problems with his lower back and thighs. This seemed logical, and there was nothing that he said that raised any alarms. He wanted an appointment that afternoon, and I eagerly booked him. "He explained that he was a runner, and had problems with his lower back and thighs."

How to Move On From Here Election 2016

Yesterday was a terrible day. I spent the day wandering about as if it were a nightmare. I cried. I consoled my daughter. I drank. I slept. I hid #Facebook "friends" that were crowing about their victory. A friend from France sent me his condolences. I even looked up the qualifications for relocating to Canada. Mostly, though, I pondered history, and what this moment means in the greater context.