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Progress Report

After much deliberation, it appears that we are moving ahead with the purchase of the small RV. Since the people that are selling it are still in it for the next week or so, I don't have much in the way of details, but as soon as I take possession, lots of pictures and plans will follow.

Reject or Adapt?

I had a dream last night that I should try to get a loan from the bank for the RV. I have misgivings, though. It is not what I want, exactly, and I wonder if my yearning to buy it comes from my partner's enthusiasm or the fact that it is such a deal. It is sometimes difficult to separate my desires from those of others.

So, This Happened....

As I have been chattering excitedly to my partner about my new project, he has been mildly amused and highly skeptical of my skills. I have told him many times that I can manifest anything I want, but he always doubts me. Well, no sooner had I posted my second blog piece today, he comes running in the house to tell me that this guy just showed up and is selling his small RV for $3000! So, it's not a van, but it's a hell of a deal, and it just fell in our laps!

Getting Started

After my epiphany yesterday, I spent hours researching for the perfect conversion van setup. I ran across this blog, and this guy, Chris Carper, is terrific! His first blog post that I read was How To Build A Cargo Van Into Your Personal Stealth RV: Buying And Prepping Your Van. This inspired me to really look into converting a van, rather than looking into an RV. What I have discovered after living in an RV for almost a year now, is that there are many things that you have to keep up with. Things like:
Turning in the water heater for every shower.Lighting the pilot light every time I bake.Replacing propane every month.Regularly emptying the sewage tank.

Vacation Van Vision

I have decided to buy a van. I don't want a fancy RV or big, bulky thing. I want something discrete enough and small enough that I can park wherever I want and easily manage it myself. The internet is literally filled with DIY designs, and I want to be a part of this.

I have been struggling for months. Within the space of less than a year, my youngest daughter moved out, I left the home I had lived in for 5 years, and I had closed my business to relocate to the Keys. I have wondered if my discomfort was just recovering from the whiplash of my life, or some greater concern.

Rainy Day Off

It's a rainy day today. I'm off work and have been looking for conversion vans most of the morning. I have found some for as little as $2,000 up to $10,000 or more. I was considering going to the bank and seeing if I could get a pre-approval letter, but I think I might just put some money aside.

What Do I Want?

Yesterday was not a very good day. Adam and I had had a fight the day before, and we were both in the post-fight, not- talking phase. I suppose it was a good thing because it gave me time to really think about what I want.

When faced with life without him, it brings a level of clarity to my thoughts. I very much wish to get a small RV. This would double as an escape for me and something we could take for small trips. I want something that I will be able to take Brutus and Honey in with me if I ever have to leave. I really want to travel out West again. I started thinking about whether I could relocate, and perhaps work a season or two in various places. I could be something like a gypsy, wandering where I would like until I am ready to settle down.

While that is still very interesting to me, we have made up this morning. I do intend to move ahead with purchasing a small RV as soon as it is feasibly possible, and I find one that I like. I told Adam this morning that I would like to driv…


I want to gain wealth and property to secure my financial future.

I want to be slim and healthy so that my future life will be better quality.

I want to read something new every day to feed my mind.

I want to have a close and loving relationship with Adam.

I want to write a book within the next year.

The Beginning

I have been in a weird place lately. I know that it is because I'm in a new home and haven't made many friends yet. I feel like I should relax and adjust to the new way of life, but I feel restless and kind of bored.

I went and looked at an office yesterday so that I can begin building a practice here in Key Largo. It's only $300 a month, and the lady that I would be sharing with works like I do, so I doubt we would have many conflicts. She is supposed to get back to me about finalizing the details in the next few days. This time out is probably a good thing so that we can both consider what is best. I have come to realize that things happen as they are supposed to.

Making Miraculous Mornings

I just realized that it has been a month since my last post. I apologize. I suppose I have been gathering my internal resources to prepare for future battles. This unintended hibernation has been a time of meditation and reflection. It is no secret that the election was shocking to me, and I have watched with a mingling of horror, disgust, and a perverse sort of fascination, while wondering if our nation will survive. This is not a political post, though, just an offer of explanation.

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