Reject or Adapt?

Image result for scaleI had a dream last night that I should try to get a loan from the bank for the RV. I have misgivings, though. It is not what I want, exactly, and I wonder if my yearning to buy it comes from my partner's enthusiasm or the fact that it is such a deal. It is sometimes difficult to separate my desires from those of others.

Perhaps this is the crux of the problem. I feel like my partner is trying to co-opt my idea again. I cannot deny how quickly the RV showed up just as soon as I mentioned it, but now, I feel myself losing steam over my project, so despite the undeniable good deal, I feel like I may need to just let him pursue this, and I'll continue in my quest.

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Maybe I am more interested in making castles in the sky than sculpting reality. Am I more in love with the idea of the van? What does the van represent to me? Am I just clinging to the idea that I created instead of embracing a new wrinkle? Should I just adapt to the new development or reject it?

Welcome to the mind of a Pisces woman! I need to meditate longer.

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