What Do I Want?

Yesterday was not a very good day. Adam and I had had a fight the day before, and we were both in the post-fight, not- talking phase. I suppose it was a good thing because it gave me time to really think about what I want.

When faced with life without him, it brings a level of clarity to my thoughts. I very much wish to get a small RV. This would double as an escape for me and something we could take for small trips. I want something that I will be able to take Brutus and Honey in with me if I ever have to leave. I really want to travel out West again. I started thinking about whether I could relocate, and perhaps work a season or two in various places. I could be something like a gypsy, wandering where I would like until I am ready to settle down.

While that is still very interesting to me, we have made up this morning. I do intend to move ahead with purchasing a small RV as soon as it is feasibly possible, and I find one that I like. I told Adam this morning that I would like to drive out West sometime this Summer.




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