Embracing Life and My Girls

Ladies Wine Parties
I was a very early bloomer. I developed while in middle school, and became acutely aware of my body and the differences between mine and my peers. Owing to some upheaval with my parents marriages, divorces and remarriages when I was young, we moved around many times. I attended 10 schools before I reached high school. Due to this, I learned to keep my mouth shut and be very observant. When you are the perpetual "new kid," you are never quite part of the crowd. My sophistication and reserve made me feel (and be treated by adults as though) I were much older than my years.

Since reaching my 40s, I finally feel as though I have caught up to my actual age. I feel as if I can stretch the arms of my spirit into my body, and take full possession of it. I feel strong, capable, confident. I do not worry about the opinions or fears that cause others to pause when I step forward. It is an intoxicating feeling, at times.

I embrace the friendships of other women in a way that we are conditioned against when we are young. Women learn to be jealous of one another, and tear each other down, rather than embracing the strength and wisdom of our collective years. I have found most women are just aching for a connection, a friendship, a place where they can drop all pretense and not fear judgment.

It is in such a space and desire that I created the Ladies Wine Party. It is a monthly group of women who meet at a hostesses home from 5-8pm on the first Friday of the month. Each lady brings the libation of her choice, and a small dish. The only rules are no men, no kids, and no selling. The ladies that have been involved in this have discovered a safe place for fun, with no agenda - just the opportunity to bond with other ladies. The ladies that come to these parties are often shocked that they feel so at ease and welcomed.

I did not intend this post to be about the wine parties. I suppose that I just wanted to express how good middle age feels. Embrace your girlfriends and start your own gatherings. I promise, it is worth it!

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