Your Sparkling Soul

Imagine, if you will, that your soul, the force that makes you "you," the animating energy, is like water.

It is odorless, colorless, and free-flowing.

When light shines on it, it sparkles, and when dirt mixes with it, it becomes muddy.

Now, staying with the metaphor, imagine that you pour this water (your soul) into a red glass. Suddenly, everything that you witness is from your red-colored point of view. Over time, your glass color made fade, so your view fades to a pink. Perhaps, you get a crack and now your view is obstructed by lines.

Imagine now, that you are set next to a glass that is blue. The water in the blue glass knows that it is blue, and everything around it is blue. When it looks out over the world, all that you see is tinged with blue. You (red cup) find yourself arguing with blue cup because clearly, everything you see if red. Blue cup thinks you are stupid, because obviously, everything they see is blue. You even argue about the fact that you are both, actually purple, since that is what each of you sees when you view the other.

This very analogy plays out day after day. I cannot tell you what it means to be a man, a person of color, or a non-American. I am a white, American woman. I can speculate about others. I can offer my personal truth, I can try to find common ground, but our outer containers are too different to truly know what is in the heart of another.

Finally, imagine that someone pours both glasses into the same bowl. You realize that you and the other are exactly the same. In fact, you are of the same substance, and blend effortlessly into one another. You realize that there was never a difference, you just had different containers.

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