Adjusting Slightly

Today has been a much more effective day. 

After posting my frustrating experiences with bureaucratic b*******, I went on a job interview and was offered a position. I have been looking for a sign for some time now about just which option is the best for me. While both paths seem, perhaps equally, a good opportunity for me, I think that staying put in South Carolina may just be what my soul needs at this time.

Today, I woke with more of a sense of direction. I was able to submit several more requested materials to the licensing board, so I am much closer than I was. I was also able to finally get in touch with Florida and get what I needed from them. 

As I have been sitting in my adorable little RV, for the first time I am considering decorating. If you have never spent time in an RV, everything is built in a very efficient manner. You really don't need furniture, and though the decorations maybe a bit dated, they are usually sufficient. I have been content in here. I have decided, though, since this will be my home for the foreseeable future, I should perhaps put my mark on it. I need to still keep it fairly Spartan in case I want to go on a trip, but there are things that I can probably eliminate. 

One of the number one things I want to do, and one of the final projects that I have yet to undertake, is a serious evaluation of the books that I have. For years, I have collected books of interest, but my life has not afforded me unlimited time to enjoy them. Some are more reference, but some are for pure enjoyment. I need to go through and just decide which to keep and which to re-home. In doing so, I will, hopefully, be able to open up an additional area in my RV which, at this moment, is being used primarily for storage.

For all of my friends that feel that my life is crazy and chaotic, and that I am seriously in danger of losing my mind, never fear, I'm doing okay. Yes, breakups suck. I have loved my partner for many years, but it is done. Yes, my life seems chaotic, but that is only because I have yet to formulate a plan of action. I have been reading the tea leaves, as it were, and a path is formulating in my mind. I truly can't wait to make another trip to Fort Myers, but for now, I remain in the Deep South (complete with a monsoon currently pounding my home).

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