Massage Testimonials for Kandace 2017

Andrew M. 8/5/2017: "Kandace was phenomenal."

Elizabeth D. 5/6/17: "Kandace is an amazing massage therapist. She takes the time prior to the appointment to find out more about the areas you need relief. I always leave feeling relaxed as she has been able to find the tension areas offering me much needed relief from the pain caused by stress or pressure points. After the session she will give you tips and pointers on stretches and exercises to do to help you feel better and recover faster. I highly recommend Kandace!"

Jamie J. 6/26/17: "I went to Kandace because I moved to the area and required a new LMT. She is phenomenal. She performed stretches that considerable increased my mobility after beginning weight/ strength training. I highly recommend her. She is a professional, highly knowledgeable and pleasant person. I'll have been and continue to be a client for these reasons."

Christina G 1/1717: "The spa was WONDERFUL! Kandace is highly recommended."

Laurie H. 5/14/17: "Kandace is an exceptional business woman and talented massage therapist. Based on my experience with Kandace I would recommend her to anyone reaching out for therapeutic massage or business consulting."

Melisa D 5/15/17: "Spa - It was great service, manager was so nice, and I had great massages from Desire and Kandace...Spa highly recommended."

Frank S. 5/8/17: "Kandace is a phenomenal massage therapist! She possesses the knowledge and understanding to help with any ailment. More importantly she has the compassion and empathy to understand your situation. I highly recommend Kandace!"

Tara S. 3/3/17: "Kandace is lovely and a wonderful massage therapist!"

Anonymous 3/11/17: "Amazing massage! Very helpful!

Jon J. 3/17/17: "Kandace and Desiree literally gave me and my girlfriend the best massages of our lives. No kidding. I have lots of tension, and Kandace got rid of it all..."

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