What's Next?

Yesterday was not a good day. I kept running into one bureaucratic frustration after the next. I know that moving to a new place is not supposed to be Sunshine and Lollipops, and there will be issues, but this just seemed far harder than it should be.

As I was going through the day, jumping through the ridiculous hoops, making the go-nowhere phone calls, and running the endless treadmill they have foisted me upon, I had to step back and ask myself what is being presented here.

I have been interviewing all over town, and had lots of interest in my resume, but the positions that are being offered are at entry level, and I am being told I am overqualified. Essentially, these businesses do not want to spend the money to train me only to have me leave. The other part that is really sinful to me is that even if I was able to easily obtain my license here, most places only want to offer 15 to $20 an hour.

After some serious soul-searching, I have had to look at this as perhaps a sign that this is not the place for me. With that said, I did need to visit my mother, and I did need to get away from the endless cycle that has been my relationship.

After getting a bit of space, I have come to realize that we really are over. I do not find myself aching for him throughout the night. He is a whisper in the back of my mind, but not one that tempts me.
Naturally, my mother is not happy with the thought of me moving on, but I think that there is also a recognition that this was perhaps a stop on my much longer journey. In truth, I feel myself being called back to Fort Myers. I miss my friends terribly, and I could easily resume my massage business making a livable wage there.

It's only been little more than a week, so I am doing a lot of praying, still interviewing, reading my cards, praying some more, talking to friends, and reading self-help books. I know that if this is the right move, everything will fall into place. So far, it seems to be happening already. I do need some money for travel. I have a little bit coming in this week, but it isn't all of what I need. I have been looking for solutions, and I know if this is the right move, the solutions will come.

The upshot is, I honestly don't know what is to come in the next week or so, but I'm thinking South Carolina is not it. I could be wrong, though...

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