Day 3 Apart From You

I'm feeling better about you and us today, my love. I went out with my new girlfriends yesterday, and we had a wonderful time. You texted me a couple of times during the day, and between that and them, I was satisfied.
I know that it is way too soon to have any expectations about us. I know that we have started something that could be wonderful, but you haven't allowed me to go crazy with it. That's probably for the best for both of us.

I was talking to Mom last night about you and how disciplined you are. She said that that could be a bad thing, and I agree. The thing is, if we were together, I would know your routine. I would know not to expect a message from you during the day when you were at work. I would know if you had plans in the evening, and I could make alternate plans. I'm an extremely adaptable person, and no matter where I go, I will be able to make friends and build a life.

In so many ways, I think that you represent my future. Even if you ultimately are not the one that I end up with, someone just like you is what I want. You represent all of the traits that I want in a man. You are so wonderful in so many ways.

Today, you will be leaving for Germany and won't be back for another 16 days. It feels like forever, yet I know that it really isn't. I know that before I even realize it, you will be back. I shall endeavor, during this time, to bond with my girlfriends and love myself.

I've been thinking a lot about what you said that we will feel each other when you return. It makes a lot of sense to me. I must admit, I truly hope that you burn with passion, desire, and longing for me. I hope that if there is another lover you will see when you are there, it is only to end things with her. I feel like you could be my future, my love, and I want to move to where that future with you. Be safe, lover. I will see you before I know it. I love you.

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