Day 4 Apart From You

Today, you are probably waking up in Germany. I have no idea what the time difference is, but I'm sure you're sleeping. I'm getting used to claiming you as my... whatever you are. You have been messaging me, not overwhelmingly, but certainly enough to keep me satisfied. I'm growing accustomed to your patterns, and I like that.
I think I needed you at this point in my life. You give me hope about what I could have. I could definitely see our lives being intertwined. I hope that, when you leave in December, your next destination will be one that I could join in America. I don't know if I would have to sell my RV, or perhaps give it to the children. I might have to find something to do with my pups. I suspect mom would be happy to take them, if the time came, but we shall see.

I think that what I have learned most, in the short time we have been together, is to just relax and trust the process. Your strong nature, and emotional maturity, helps me feel confident and trust in you.
I eagerly await your return, lover. I hope that your passion for me has not cooled.

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