Conquering Bad Habits

If I have discovered one thing over the past couple of years, it is that battling lethargy is a constant challenge.

It is so hard to conquer bad habits. The reason for this is that you have your routine, and in order to change this, you must engage your mind and make strategic decisions. That is not to say it is impossible – it isn’t – but it does take effort.

For me, going on the keto diet was very easy. I finally had made up my mind to take care of myself, and I haven’t looked back. If I occasionally overindulge, I am able to bring it back. Through affirmations and dedication, I have created my new routines.

28 Day Keto Plan

The one that I have difficulty with, though, is writing. I allow myself to get distracted. I’ll sit down to write, then answer a text, or the dogs will whine to go out, or I’ll open my computer game. I’ll go so far as to open WordPress but then get distracted by optimizing old blog posts.

The other thing that I do is write in my journal, and that tends to sap my creative energies. I battle with what to share and what to keep to myself. If it’s too personal, I refrain from developing the thought for public consumption, yet authenticity draws attention.

While I was away in St Thomas, it was easy for me to be clear about my goals. I had plenty of time to flesh out my plans and avoid distractions. Since I had terrible WiFi access, I couldn’t waste endless hours playing video games. Even my social media was limited to posting for my blog. Since returning home, though, it takes a colossal effort to write.

I wonder if there is ever a perfect time to write. In truth, there isn’t. Like with anything, I must focus and dedicate time and effort, without distraction, to do this. It is time to create a new routine.

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