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Unexpected Delay

My bags were packed. I had everything ready to go. Everything was sold and all the bills were paid. I was flying out on Tuesday. After an unexpected call from Washington, DC late yesterday afternoon, everything is suddenly on hold. I was shocked and have been processing the news ever since. I now have to make some decisions. I am happy to have a few more weeks to spend with my loved ones, but I cannot do this for long. I am thinking that I can afford one delay, but if this drags out too long, I will need to make some new plans. I will need to look into work, a vehicle, a place to stay. I will also need to consider long term decisions about the direction of my life. Do I stay in Charleston? Do I try to find a new career? Do I continue with the Peace Corps? In many ways, I am in a great place. I literally have no baggage holding me back. I can absolutely craft a new path and design my life as I please. The question is, what will that look like? I have some meditation to do.