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But We're Safe, Right?

I recently tested for HIV. I am pleased and unsurprised to say that I am sero-negative. The thing is, even though I had known that I was negative, there is always an underlying fear. I see it in the faces of the young people that come to the SAAJ clinic to be tested and receive contraception. It is a level of fear and anxiety and then palpable relief when they receive the good news of a sero-negative status. Sadly, I have also seen the shock and devastation of a positive result. Later in the day after I had been tested, I was speaking with my friend in the States. I told him of my HIV negative status, and we both chuckled as if there could be no other answer, but the awkwardness was there. I am a 45-year-old woman. I have been married twice and had numerous relationships over the years. I have not always practiced safe sex. As I was chatting with my lover, we chuckled awkwardly because we know that we were careless with each other, and we have been careless with other relat

Palestra About Underage Marriage US vs Moz

View this post on Instagram I was informed about 20 minutes before I left today that I was going to be giving a #palestra on #domesticviolence to about 14 young people. Blessedly, I was able to do it in English with a translator, because I speak "pouco-guese" not Portuguese! It went better than I expected! #PeaceCorps #peacecorpsmozambique #peacecorpshealth #PeaceCorpsAfrica #stretchingmylimits #unexpectedsuccess A post shared by Kandace Blevin (@kandaceblevin) on Sep 16, 2019 at 5:42am PDT