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Selfies with Colleagas


Routines and Chores

Life in Mozambique is a series of routines. I suppose that could be said of any life, but here, there is a definite pattern.  I remember when I was just beginning the process of “adulting” and I learned the valuable lesson on handling problems immediately. What is small and easily overcome becomes a frightening chore if left untended. This seems to be a lesson ingrained in Mozambicans. In my quintal (the yard that I share with the host family - I have my own small house in back), the granddaughter of the house, who is about 14, wakes every morning about 5 and is out sweeping the yard and raking the dirt. This happens daily, without fail.  As I walk to my hospital every day, I see this same routine multiplied. There are ladies hand-washing the laundry, cooking over fires, and tending to babies. There are children as young as 5 walking alone to school. There are the young adults, dressed smartly in their uniforms, off to Escola Secundaria. There are men walking to work,