What Has Happened to my World?

What Has Happened to my World?

Nothing makes sense anymore. I don't recognize the world I am living in. I feel like I'm wandering aimlessly. 

Has it only been a few months since I was in Mozambique? I certainly had my challenging days there, but overall, I understood my mission. Since being back in America, I feel like I am drifting. I have been able to spend some time with my family, and occasionally visit with friends, but mostly, I am home. 

I send endless resumes into the ether, and the only response I receive is, "thank you, but we decided to go another direction." I have never had a problem finding a job, yet here I am, unemployed, and hoping I can find something before my benefits run out. 

I speak to my friends overseas almost daily, yet I have no answers about when or how I will ever be able to visit again. For the first time in my life, America is considered an unsafe place, and Americans are too riddled with Covid19 to be allowed into the countries of even our oldest allies. What happened? How have we fallen so low?

I am generally such a positive person, that this is a new experience for me. The world has never scared me, yet my own country now does. 

So, I suppose like everyone else, I am focusing on what I can help. I am writing. I am improving my diet. I am exercising. I am taking classes online. I am studying foreign languages. 

Mostly, though, I am waiting for this nightmare to end so I can rejoin the world. I'm ready to do whatever it takes! 

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