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Here at last

As I was writing in my journal this morning, I realized why I have not posted on my blog regularly in a long time. When I was going to Mozambique with the Peace Corps, for safety reasons, I began keeping a paper journal rather than a public blog. I suppose it has just become a habit at this point.  I am still struggling with the time change now that I am here in Hawai'i. I am 6 hours behind my family on the East Coast, and 12 hours behind my friends in Europe and Africa. With the help of well-timed Benedryl in the late evening, I have been able to sleep through the night, though I am waking ar earlier than I would like.  I am in quarantine until the 21st of October. I must admit, as prisons go, I cannot complain. My small studio apartment has lovely Frech Doors that open into a tropical paradise in my backyard. Our tall rock wall surrounding the property allows privacy, so I am able to leave my drapes open, and even open the windows when it is nice at night.  I am enjoying seeing t