My Next Adventure!

A warm, soft breeze is flowing through the open French doors of my studio apartment. Bright pink and white plumeria blossoms sway on their branches, their fragrance wafting through the air. The sky is a clear and bright blue. It is another perfect day in Maui, and I cannot wait to leave!

To be fair, Maui is an incredible place. The jagged cliffs that soar over the dark blue Pacific below. The lush tropical rainforests filled with exotic plants. The giant Haleakalā dormant volcano that stands proudly in the distance. The ability to stand on top of the mountain at 10,000 ft elevation and view the surrounding islands as if looking out from an airplane window. I will be forever grateful for having lived in this place for the past year and calling it home. 

Yet, it never felt like home to me. Perhaps, always living in Coastal towns, the beach is not the draw it once was. Perhaps it was the pandemic lifestyle that dimished my enjoyment. Truthfully, though, I know it is because I did not want to return to the US after the Peace Corps. Though I am on a lovely rock in the middle of the ocean, it is still a rock in the middle of the ocean. It reminds me of a line from a poem that I once wrote: No matter how gilded the cage, it's still naught but a cage. And I - how could I willingly submit to captivity?

After what seems like way too long, I am finally close to fulfilling a life-long dream. I received a provisional job offer in Belgium. Naturally, I must complete all of the tasks, not to mention follow through on the many steps involved in relocating, but I am ecstatic! I feel energized in a way I have not since we were evacuated from Mozambique. I have not been in Europe since 2003, and now, it will be my new home. 

I cannot wait! 

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