A Tiger's Heart

A Tiger’s Heart: A Book of Poetry

by Kandace Blevin  (Author)

In your hands, you hold over 30 years of my poetry. These poems were born out of joy, pain, love, agony, lust, and anger. They begin when I was a very young girl, and span into adulthood, marriage, divorce, and motherhood.

I invite you to share in the passion that has ruled my untamed heart for many years.

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Poetry By Kandace Blevin

The Flame 

Deep within my body, churning,
Lies a little ember, burning,
Silently awaiting, the fuel to strike the flame.

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To My Lover 

I won't be your woman
I'll be your fantasy
I will be the one you feel
In your darkest dreams

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A Southern Afternoon 

The sun lazily melted through the muggy air,
Down to the swampy marsh.
On a moss-covered bank, I sat - swatting away mosquitoes.
The air was suffocatingly sultry, and
My shirt clung wetly to my skin - I was waiting.

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The Choice

You've eyes that pierce deep in my heart
Plunge into my soul
I feel your body close to me -
I will never turn to see

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Your Queen - Poem 

I once hoped to dazzle you
With my pretty charms
I wanted to bewitch you
Wrap you in my arms
Do you love me still?
Am I still your queen?
Do I still enchant you?
Is it on me you lean?

Lady Lust 

Lust is a savage woman
Moving stealthily
Stalking her prey
Her husky lilting laugh lingers in the night

My Life of Before 

I'm so happy - so utterly happy,
I'm floating upon cloud nine;
But far down below,
I'm being towed into my life of before.

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