Undertake The Journey

I stand here at the mountain base Not hopeless - yet, but daunted. Such heights I have not yet attempted, But the trail begins to beckon.


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Journal 7/28/06

2:02 a.m. I fell asleep around 8 p.m. last night, so now I am wide awake. I have been lying in bed for the past hour, trying to get back to sleep. Finally, I decided to just come out to the living room and write for a bit. They called me around 10:30 yesterday to say that my test results said I was basically made for the job. They are running a SLED check on me, but I have no criminal record, so that is merely a formality. I am so ready to start work there!

Journal 7/24 and 7/25/06

I have been thinking of writing for weeks now. I think about whether I wish to write stories, poems, a journal...whatever. I have thought about buying a journal, where I could go to write, what I say. I finally went to Barnes and Nobles on Saturday and spent an hour trying to find just the right kind. I looked for price, style, and refills. I found one for about $7 that I was going to buy, but I finally settled on this one that was $14. I then bought a $4 pen that I am not even using right now.

True Love

I watch the lovers parting with a longing kiss. They cling to one another as if to separate would mean death. I see them devour one another like hungry animals, Then the movie ends.

The Girl I’m Not

Who is she, that girl that you want? The girl that I am not. I’ve never met her, yet she dominates our lives. When we talk, I feel her lurking. I feel her presence when we disagree.

The Kill

My heart is thumping in time with my step Pulling me into myself. I am hyper aware of my every sense: The sweat on my neck, the scratch of my jeans, the whip of my hair on my face. I lick my lips and taste the gloss, My eyes flicker over the scene. I feel like a panther stalking her prey.